Instagram is great for uploading, editing, and filtering images from your personal or work life. However, we are curious about how much it helps you in your business.

Let’s take a look at how this social network could influence the SEO optimization of the site and, implicitly, increase the traffic on the site.

Instagram and SEO

Instagram’s search function is well built. It can be searched according to the names of the people, the username that the person has on this social platform, brand, company, location, and hashtags.

 If someone searches for your company name or the hashtag you use frequently, you’d think that the method of displaying results is the same as for Google.

So, does Instagram affect SERP rankings? According to the latest research and analysis, Google has officially stated that it does not use any social media platform for ranking.

Consequently, social engagement is a by-product of qualitative content that generates backlinks. These are SEO issues.

If you search on Google the name of an internationally known person, among the first results, Twitter appears, the next being Instagram.

Search engines will always direct traffic to social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. So, take advantage of this and make sure you have a username as relevant as possible to your brand.

t should also be noted that you must have a fully detailed profile and information as sought after by the target audience.

A plus is a fact that Instagram also offers the option to set up your business profile. With the help of which you can find out how often the posts are displayed or how many have seen a post with a certain hashtag.

Hashtag and visibility

A website is a tool that will help you see which hashtags receive the most traffic. In that way, you can get more appreciation for pictures and a section of recommended pages may appear faster.

It’s a tool that tells you which keywords are most common in Google searches. So you will see what the trend is in your activation area, which are the hashtags used by competing companies. Then capitalize on the information to build your reputation on Instagram.

If a user has taken a photo of your product or service, try to make sure they use a hashtag representative of your brand when sharing it.

This is another way to contribute to the growth of your Instagram account. Besides, it will be easier to find by other users and even by you.

For more details about hashtags, access

How do you use Instagram in SEO?

If you used Facebook and Facebook Ads for your business, you should know that Instagram also has the option to promote posts.

You may or may not know, but most of the time Facebook Ads, if properly configured and managed, pays off.

Therefore, Instagram posts can also bear fruit. Although the number of customers will not increase instantly, you will be able to increase your traffic, which is very important for early SEO.


An important action for your business is to bring it on Instagram as well.  

This platform has become increasingly used in recent years. This should make you think and not wait. Start promoting yourself on Instagram right now!

In the adventure of promoting your business, it is very important to focus on social networks. Content creation, site optimization, relevant backlinks are extremely important elements in SEO promotion. However, we believe that social media also plays an important role.

If you are interested in marketing services and other social networks, do not hesitate to contact us!

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