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Invest in marketing solutions. Digitalization of your business.

As we told you on the front page, we live in the age of technology. Now in the context in which the Covid-19 virus has forced many businesses to close. The solution to saving them from bankruptcy is the virtual environment.

In the Gartner IT Glossary, digitalization is defined as “the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities. It is the process of moving to a digital business.”

One thing to mention here is that digitalization should not be confused with digitization. These are two different things, so…

What does digitization mean?

Digitization is the process of converting an analog electrical signal into a digital one. So digitization is the transformation of interactions, communications, business functions, and business models into digital data. This often is reduced to a combination of digital and physical actions.

According to a study conducted in 2018, more than 100 online stores open monthly in Romania. In the current context, we can assume that their number has doubled.

The new trend of digitalization (whether it is imposed or not) will have unfavorable consequences for companies that decide they can survive without the digital environment. Their chances of survival are slim.

For a business to be successful, being at the beginning of the road or not, marketing is a must. This is just like any activity that can be done by people. This means that more businesses are passing into the online environment.

Marketing is done for an audience. Considering that in our country, most people have access to the internet therefore, the stubbornness of not marketing on the internet is a risky choice for any business.

Looking from another perspective, the digitalization of a company must not only adapt to current trends. It is also more efficient management of all processes in the company. It also gives you more control over all business due to its high capacity for data analysis and collection.

Utilizing this data and transforming it into business information with analytics tools will help companies segment communication more efficiently. Also targeting customers more accurately in the century of technology, and deliver relevant messages to consumers.

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We know very well that all entrepreneurs who go online or have eCommerce businesses want the same thing: to have sales and profit.

The thing that will help you offer the public and customers a more pleasant experience, an increase in sales, cost reductions with human resources. It gives you the opportunity to scale your business and, last but not least, to be more profitable, it is a well-optimized online store.

So, let’s find out more about what help you have thanks to a well-optimized site. But also what exactly means a web page optimized to bring you customers and continuous traffic.

An optimized store will allow you to have:

  1. Higher conversion rate – This represents the percentage of total site visitors who become customers. In Romania, an average conversion rate is around 1-1.5%, ie out of 100 visitors, one buys the product or service. The experience of the users on the site, the trust in your brand, the offers, the quality, and the volume of the traffic you bring. But the information presented on your site also leads to a variation in the rate.
  2. Improved on-site experience – Traffic acquisition is the main growth factor only in the first year of a business’s existence. In the past, when the market was not so competitive, the activity of an online shop was dominated by finding new purchasing strategies. Today, most people judge stores by their experience. The product is no longer enough so you have to learn to present the offer in such a way as to be as attractive as possible. The visitors’ experience is influenced by the design, the information presented on the site, the navigation mode, and how easy they will get to what they want. With a well thought out and optimized store you will not only offer a pleasant experience to the customers you already have but also to the new visitors.
  3. More effective marketing campaigns – Online you can measure and track everything, you have the data displayed in real-time. By running correct tracking on the site, you can extract this data correctly and draw conclusions based on it. If you have a store that allows you to track correctly, you can find out what your customer’s behavior is. Then you can use this information to build more effective marketing campaigns.
  4. Lower costs – Once the store’s activity has increased, you will see that integrations and automation are important for the best possible efficiency. They will help you reduce order processing time, errors, human resources required to manage the store, and costs.

What does an optimized online store mean?

There are several things you need to pay more attention to when working in eCommerce. Some of them influence the customer experience on the site and the conversion rate. Others offer you the opportunity to grow your business and optimize your costs.

Design the design of the store must be memorable, professionally made, adapt to any device. It is preferable not to be loaded with many elements that distract from your offer. Through design, you have to convey confidence. Also to position yourself differently from the competition and communicate what your USP is (Unique Selling Proposition).

Upload speedToday’s consumers don’t have the same patience. It doesn’t take more than three to four seconds to load a page. If the site loads hard, a large number of visitors will leave the site before being able to discover it. Fast loading of the store is also essential for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), being a ranking factor.

SEO – The site must have an infrastructure that is easy to optimize for search engines. It gives you the ability to set meta-information, have a friendly SEO code, load quickly, and be secure and optimized for devices phones.

Easy navigationNavigating the store should be as easy as possible and the categories should be well structured. In order for the user to find the products they are looking for quickly and easily, the filtering method also matters. But also how well the search on your page works.

Implementation trackingThe correct implementation will allow you to have the data you can rely on. You will be able to optimize your marketing campaigns and decide on which channels it is worth investing in. And most importantly, maximize sales through re-marketing.

Integrations and automationIf the integrations you need no longer need to be done from scratch, the costs will be lower. This is where agility and speed in implementation come into play. Integrations with sales channels, such as marketplaces and comparators. It helps you expand your presence and sell more. All this without having to manually list the products. Automations such as automatic invoice generation, awbs, and inventory synchronization will be much more efficient for your business and costs.

Scalable infrastructureWith a scalable infrastructure you can increase your business without having to resort to another solution and even sell internationally if you decide to expand across borders.

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Instagram is great for uploading, editing, and filtering images from your personal or work life. However, we are curious about how much it helps you in your business.

Let’s take a look at how this social network could influence the SEO optimization of the site and, implicitly, increase the traffic on the site.

Instagram and SEO

Instagram’s search function is well built. It can be searched according to the names of the people, the username that the person has on this social platform, brand, company, location, and hashtags.

 If someone searches for your company name or the hashtag you use frequently, you’d think that the method of displaying results is the same as for Google.

So, does Instagram affect SERP rankings? According to the latest research and analysis, Google has officially stated that it does not use any social media platform for ranking.

Consequently, social engagement is a by-product of qualitative content that generates backlinks. These are SEO issues.

If you search on Google the name of an internationally known person, among the first results, Twitter appears, the next being Instagram.

Search engines will always direct traffic to social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. So, take advantage of this and make sure you have a username as relevant as possible to your brand.

t should also be noted that you must have a fully detailed profile and information as sought after by the target audience.

A plus is a fact that Instagram also offers the option to set up your business profile. With the help of which you can find out how often the posts are displayed or how many have seen a post with a certain hashtag.

Hashtag and visibility

A website is a tool that will help you see which hashtags receive the most traffic. In that way, you can get more appreciation for pictures and a section of recommended pages may appear faster.

It’s a tool that tells you which keywords are most common in Google searches. So you will see what the trend is in your activation area, which are the hashtags used by competing companies. Then capitalize on the information to build your reputation on Instagram.

If a user has taken a photo of your product or service, try to make sure they use a hashtag representative of your brand when sharing it.

This is another way to contribute to the growth of your Instagram account. Besides, it will be easier to find by other users and even by you.

For more details about hashtags, access

How do you use Instagram in SEO?

If you used Facebook and Facebook Ads for your business, you should know that Instagram also has the option to promote posts.

You may or may not know, but most of the time Facebook Ads, if properly configured and managed, pays off.

Therefore, Instagram posts can also bear fruit. Although the number of customers will not increase instantly, you will be able to increase your traffic, which is very important for early SEO.


An important action for your business is to bring it on Instagram as well.  

This platform has become increasingly used in recent years. This should make you think and not wait. Start promoting yourself on Instagram right now!

In the adventure of promoting your business, it is very important to focus on social networks. Content creation, site optimization, relevant backlinks are extremely important elements in SEO promotion. However, we believe that social media also plays an important role.

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